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About Me

Hello, my name is Tyler. I am here to save the world, through design.


No, not like Luke or Han, but more like Batman or Superman on a smaller scale.


I know it sounds crazy, how can a student who hasn’t even earned a degree yet make a difference? Truth is, we can all make a difference in our own way. My way is the best way. Its called firm communication and dedication to a cause. My cause is delivering quality experiences to consumers, especially when that demographic is around the same age as the distributer. This means that I get my own people. I understand what’s going on inside their heads. Because I understand the world of my fellow 90s kids, I get what they are putting down.  This can help a lot when designing interactive media such as video games.

You are probably thinking, how or why would this help anyone make a difference?


How and why are two words that resonate with me on a daily basis. Knowing why a consumer buys a product is a key point in business, is it not? So by me actually being one of those consumers, it helps me understand whom I am designing for. Why is a bigger question to ask yourself when designing anything. Why am I making pasta, when I have pizza in the freezer? Why am I playing a board game when I have $500 worth of equipment in the other room attracting dust? Why resonates in everyone’s daily activities because it is the key question to ask yourself when doing anything. So how does my knowledge make my cause better? Because knowing how and why someone interacts within the world they live in means that I can tailor designs towards them that will make them more likely to buy a product.


The reason I have an in depth outlook on this sort of thinking is due to me. I am constantly researching ways to better myself and my understanding of my chosen field’s community. Whether this is journeying through forum post after forum post of salt ridden comments, or attending live streams of developers showing off their product. I am a learner. This is what a learner does. I specifically look at the negatives so that I understand the positives. If someone is having problems with servers, I am going to be looking at the positives of the experience for both sides of the situation. I am constantly taking both sides of the story and using it in ways that impact what I work on daily. This is especially true when working with a community such as YouTube. I have been making videos on YouTube for around 9 years now and those years have been ridden with hate and enjoyment. Hate is a strong word, I know, but it represents the Internet in general, for the most part. Truth be told, a lot more is said behind a keyboard than what would be said face to face. 

This ideal gives people power, and I want to continue to understand this power. In design, this power comes in the form of destroying your enemies in player versus player competition and then telling them how bad they are. For some reason, my generation loves putting each other down and then we get angry when people do it to us. It is fascinating. I find this fascinating because of the amount of hate I have received during my life. During grade school, I was bullied a lot. I was told I was no good and that I wouldn’t make it in the world. This continued into college, however this time people didn’t actually say it to my face but judged me from a far, based on my looks among other things. I intimidated people, even though I didn’t mean to, and I was judged for it. These experiences are what drive me. This is what causes me to fight for my cause. I want others who experience what I’ve experienced to have an outlet like I had in games. I want them to experience something that resonates with what they are currently going through. This is how I will save the world. Through interactive games that allow people to connect with characters that won’t judge them and will make them feel great. This is why I understand my people. A lot of us went through the same problems growing up. This gives me the edge to do something great with what I have. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a hard worker and a dedicated person. You can expect no less from me in any situation or position. 


I may not be Superman, but I can still save the world.

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